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Kaweah Water Dashboard

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) is prompting changes in how water and land are managed across California. The Kaweah Subbasin’s three Groundwater Sustainability Agencies are implementing groundwater allocations and pumping caps to remedy groundwater overdraft and ensure a sustainable groundwater supply for years to come. To assist landowners optimally manage their water supply, the Kaweah Subbasin is developing the Kaweah Water Dashboard. Landowners can create an account on the Water Dashboard to view historic evapotranspiration (ET) data at the farm level. This data is being used to determine invoicing associated with individual GSAs groundwater allocations and pumping caps. The Water Dashboard’s future development will include features for landowner water supply management and trading.

Kaweah Dashboard Development Roadmap

Find my Groundwater Sustainability Agency

The County of Tulare has created a free mapping tool that allows landowners to identify what Groundwater Sustainability Agency a parcel is in.

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Policies, Rules & Regulations

Greater Kaweah GSA Pumping Cap Webpage
East Kaweah GSA Rules & Regulations Webpag
Mid-Kaweah GSA Webpage

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